Privacy policy for mobile applications

Privacy policy for CamDrive Ltd mobile applications

Revision date: 09.01.2018

1. General Information

1.1 The privacy policy («Policy» ) is meant for mobile applications developed by CamDrive Ltd («Appications»). This Policy explains what data is processed by CamDrive Ltd as represented by Andrey V. Maydukov, CEO of CamDrive Ltd («Company»), and how the Company collects and processes the data of its users..
1.2 The Company reserves the right to make modifications to the Applications, and if necessary, modify this Policy in order to adapt it to latest changes of the Applications.

2. Purposes of processing user data by the Company

2.1 The company collects technical data related to usage of the Applications and troubleshooting. It allows the Company to analyze the usage statistics of Applications in order to improve performance and eliminate errors.
2.2 The Company collects personal data of the Applications users (E-mail and Mobile Phone Number) in order to automatically send single-time E-mail notifications if requested by a user.

3. The Company collects and processes the following data

3.1 Personal data: E-mail, Mobile Phone Number (single-time notification if requested by a user) The company does not collect and process any other personal data submitted by the users of Applications.
3.2 Technical data collected by the Company: how many times the Applications have been launched; usage of the Application's screens and features; number of active users; countries and regions where the Applications are used.
3.3 Troubleshooting data collected by the Company: technical parameters of the device, error localization data, error rate and failure rate.

4. Disclosure of personal data to third parties

The company may use third-party services ( to collect, process and store technical data related to usage of Applications and troubleshooting.

5. Security measures for user data

Data security is ensured by standard security measures of operating systems. The Applications do not provide any additional security measures.
The users use the Applications as is. The users independently protect their data, including but not limited to:
— Users ensure protection of their devices with installed Applications from theft and intentional loss;
— Users ensure protection of their devices with installed Applications from unauthorized access.

6. Contact Information

If you have any questions about the Applications, please contact us by E-mail: